20 years of PESTPOCKEN Festival – Ticket sales started

RAWSIDE, LOS FASTDIOS, THE RESTARTS, KOTZREIZ are on board, when PESTPOCKEN will celebrate their 20th band birthday in Gießen. Between 29th and 30th of September 2017 the line-up also comprises several of our label bands including – of cause PESTPOCKEN – and BREAKOUT, MIRROR MONKEYS and FRONTEX.

In addition, MANIAC ATTACK RECORDS presents three special acts: After 13 years BAD NASTY (CH/FR) that shared the first Split-LP with PESTPOCKEN will be back on stage. The spiky hair punk legend OBSTRUIVE will reunite for two shows of which one is in Gießen. And finally, our favorite Deutschpunx of AUWEIA! will enter the stage for the very last time in the history of punk rock. Get you ticket here.    


ZEX & Violence on Maniac Attack Records

Yeah, UK-Punk from fucking Canada! In summer the great ZEX will come out for a European Tour. Their second full-length album “Uphill battle” will be released on Maniac Attack Records. Watch out!


New and fucked on Maniac Attack Rec.

Authentic, angry, against everything – KEVIN PASCAL. This is the beautiful name of a  new star rising in the sky of German punk rock and Hardcore. Members of KEVIN PASCAL from Flensburg (GER) also played in bands like Pestfest, Mr. Burns and Motörhate. The record “Bunkerschelle” comes in blue vinyl, is limited to 500 pieces and 12 fast and pissed songs, critical to humorous lyrics and a brute voice.


Finest Hardcore Punk from Italy

Growing up in a countryside as a very colorful, obtrusive and noisy guy may lead to the situation that wherever you show up, sooner or later someone is going to call the cops. Remembering that juvenile feeling when being raised in a rural area of Italy four punk rockers called their band CALL THE COPS.  

Like an explosion, CALL THE COPS now give their vinyl debut with 14 hardcore punk songs full of energy and an absolutely amazing artwork. The gatefold cover holds a huge pictures collage and includes a handmade poster and a comic book storyboarded by the band. Check also their video clip: “This is not America

16-10-06_Call the Cops2

Punk Rock News from France: BREAKOUT on MANIAC ATTACK REC.


Fast, furious and spiky – BREAKOUT from Paris (FR) play punk rock at its best. We are glad to welcome the French spiky hair punx on MANIAC ATTACK RECORDS. Their new album "Nothing in Sight“ brings together hardcore punk’s energy with melodies and choirs of street punk. Fans of THE CASUALTIES or THE UNSEEN should not miss it. The record comes with a stylish poster and download code. Check also their video clip: “Brainwashed Youth”.

The legendary SCHURKENSTAAT on vinyl

16-02-26 Schurken-cover_SThe legendary band project SCHURKENSTAAT is now available on vinyl almost 10 years after they broke up. Thirteen times the former singer of SEKRETSTAU Gizmo spies his cynical lyrics with his unbelieve variation in voice. The record titled „Phönix“ is a must-have for fans of SCHLEIMKEIM!

News from Berlin and the world

Berlin’s Old school HC-Punx GULAG BEACH are back with six new songs on vinyl titled "Favela blues". After their first record dealing with North Korea, this release is globally extending the fight for liberty: topics are the favelas in South America, the authoritarian regime in Russia, the torture cases of the C.I.A.  and Pol Pots regime of terror in Cambodia. Let’s roll.


Debut album of MIRROR MONKEY released

MANIAC ATTACK RECORDS presents MIRROR MONKEYS with their self-titled debut album. The band from Marburg, Gießen and Frankfurt (GER) stands for melodic street punk with heart and soul. Their 14 streetpunk songs are full of catchy guitars, singalongs and melodies. Their master piece comes in yellow vinyl, is limited to 500 pieces, numbered by hand and includes a download code. Friends of OXYMORON and early REJECTED YOUTH should be excited about that band.


SNAKEBITE’s new music video up

Today, SNAKEBITE’s provide their new music video “Live it up” released on the album “Princess of Pain”. An appropriate location for the video is an original 80’s bar somewhere in the Hinterland of North Rhine-Westphalia. Additionally, the film crew realized some creative ideas, Michael Ballhaus would be pleased. Following the live-video for the song “Road to nowhere”, “Live it up” is the second video from the album released in spring by MANIAC ATTACK RECORDS.


There it is: DEFUSED album titled “Distort the truth” released

MANIAC ATTACK RECORDS proudly presents the release of the debut album “Distort the truth” by DEFUSED. The three guys from Zurich, Switzerland play 14 songs full of energy with fast guitars, a rough voice and vigorous choruses. The lyrics deal with politics or daily life and are mostly in English, but some are also in German. The song „Rollbrett“ is probably unique as it is a skate punk song in Swiss German. The LP comes in white vinyl. The cover image was specifically drawn by a band member of the Mexican ACIDEZ.


Heading of the PUNK ROCK! Magazine: „HC-Punk with mohawk and spikes“

This is hot shit to us and one reason to sign the band DEFUSED from Switzerland. The new baby of MANIAC ATTACK RECORDS is probably known due to lots of concerts in squats and at festivals such as the RESIST TO EXIST festival in Berlin. Soon we’ll release their debut album titled “Distort the truth”; a foretaste is the clip  „We are free“. The new issue of the PUNK ROCK! Magazine additionally presents a report on their Polen and Czech Republic tour in winter.

15-04-19 News

Rock the night: SNAKEBITE Release, 28th of March in Köln

In order to celebrate the release of the new album “Princess of Pain” SNAKEBITE rocks Germany’s most famous hair metal party PARTYMONIUM in Köln. MANIAC ATTACK’s extraordinary band will perform live and drummer Julian as a DJ afterwards. Watch the album teaser here.

15-03-27 NewsSnakebite

Little fireworks

14-12-15 Auweia Split2

Pressed on bright yellow vinyl AUWEIA! unite with the Dutch band PLACEBOTOX! Two songs of each band represent the spirit of the wild 80’s and a concrete D.I.Y. attitude. AUWEIA! play old school German punk rock and PLACEBOTOX play punk rock with a touch of NDW and German and Dutch lyrics. Listen to a new song here.

Shopping for punk rockers – new Maniac Attack Shop online!

Good news: after weeks of hard work, our brand new online shop is now available! In a new design, user-optimized, clearly organized and including about new 500 articles (e.g. new sweat pants that are exclusively sold by us), our baby is awaiting your attendance.14-10-13 New Shop

Here it comes! Release of “North Korean Sun” by GULAG BEACH

14-09-15 North Korean Sun2Right from the press shop, MANIAC ATTACK REC. presents the debut album “North Korean Sun” by the old school hardcore/punk rock band GULAG BEACH from Berlin. On their conceptual album GULAG BEACH criticize the degrading situation of the North Korean people and the refugee policy of North Korea. Inspired by Californian punk bands GULAG BEACH play midtempo punk rock with melodies that immediately catch you. The image on the cover of the LP was drawn and provided by a North Korean artist. The record is limited to 300 pieces, numbered by hand, comes in blue vinyl and includes a poster and download-code. For the album trailer click here

Extraordinary band coming up the horizon - soon on MANIAC ATTACK REC.

14-08-31 Gulag BeachEvery day the sun is shining on North Korea just as in Germany, but the North Korean people watch the sky from a military dictatorship that may be classified as the most restrictive political system of present times. Daily life includes pursuit, fear and censorship. The unacceptable situation of the North Korean people is criticized in a creative, extraordinary and even grotesque way by the band GULAG BEACH from Berlin/Germany.  Together with the fundraising project LINK (Liberty In North Korea) GULAG BEACH is actively engaged in helping North Korean Refugees that have been crossed the border to China by donating in order to enable their immigration to South Korea or the USA. The transfer fee for one person is 2500 US$. For more information see: LINK  -  GULAG BEACH on Bandcamp  -  GULAG BEACH on Facebook 

Showdown in RV-City

After touring through Vienna, Zurich, Rom, Moscow, Paris and others the MANIAC ATTACK Label band OBTRUSIVE is up to celebrating a two-day festival in Ravensburg at the 7th/8th of June 2014. On board are PESTPOCKEN, RIOT BRIGADE, NOWHITERAG, SNIFFING GLUE, MODERN PETS, HYSTERESE, in addition there will be workshops, vegan food und a merchandise area. Sponsors are besides others AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, WELT HUNGER HILFE  and VIVA CON AGUA St. Pauli. With their glamourous show at home the guys from Ravensburg celebrate their 10-years anniversary, but also say good-bye to their friends and fans. We also wave good bye to a great band after 10 years of punk rock, parties and friendship!

14-06-01 obtrusive festival

Solo-Album by DEAD CITY RADIO’s singer Alex Alert

14-04-15 Alex Alert_SoloDEAD CITY RADIO fans, watch out! Singer Alex Alert has released his first solo album in April titled „No love songs for the working class“. Less noisy, but even more revolutionary is this acoustic piece that constitutes the appropriate soundtrack for bonfire evenings! Check out: Alex Alert on Bandcamp

Two releases and one birthday

14-02-26 DCR ReleaseActually, there have been three reasons for MANIAC ATTACK to clink glasses this weekend – the latest two releases of DEAD CITY RADIO and OBTRUSIVE as well as one birthday in the label team. Apart from the label bands DEAD CITY RADIO and OBTRUSIVE the living legend TOXOPLASMA made the day. For DEAD CITY RADIO it was also the release show for their brand new album “Anti-Anthems” that they completely played live this evening being rewarded with pogo dancing from the second song on. The evening was completed by an after show party by label DJ EVE EXZESS.
A great evening – thanks to all bands, supporters and guests!    

Never mind Arnold Schwarzenegger – here is DEAD CITY RADIO

14-02-15 DCR2014 seems to become a superlative year: Welcome DEAD CITY RADIO on MANIAC ATTACK! The newcomers on our label from Vienna (Austria) deliver an impressing first album and could close the gap that bands like REJECTED YOUTH and GUERILLA left when quitting. DEAD CITY RADIO play political punk rock with some hardcore and melodic parts, but always pugnaciously. We’re looking forward to work with the band and expect to hear more from them in near future. The first strike is at February 22nd 2014 at their LP release show with TOXOPLASMA and OBTRUSIVE in Gießen. Here’s a foretaste to their new album “Anti Anthems”: Album teaser and „Management youth“ clip

OBTRUSIVE: 10 years anniversary with note of exclamation

14-01-19 Obtrusive 20032013

The Hardcore-Punx from RV-City are back with their second album titled „20032013“ confirming their good reputation in the European scene. On the album 6 brand new songs appear together with 6 unreleased songs from the early years that have been reinterpreted and recorded for the first time. LP is limited to 500 pieces in transparent vinyl (180 g) includes a poster, printed inner sleeve and download code. The CD is limited to 100 pieces! So, hurry to catch one!!

UPPER CRUST: Ahoy and welcome on board!

14-01-12 UPPERCRUSTHit after hit: Recently on board of MANIAC ATTACK’s battleship is UPPER CRUST from the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. UPPER CRUST play rough old school punk rock with a gentle breeze of crust, D-beat and metal. Among others people from STAHLSCHWESTER are rowing the ship to ruin. The LP is limited to 500 copies, numbered by hand and will soon be that rare as vitamin C is at sea. The treasure can be hunted (or ordered in our online shop) from 14th of January 2014 on.

NOWHITERAG: Don’t give up

14-01-02 daghdeinterThe unbelievable upswing of the protest punx from Italy still continues in their third album. Since the release of their debut album in 2008 we are proud to work with NOWHITERAG, but this record surely belongs to the best ones of the last years. Fast and aggressive songs with harmonious chorus, melancholic ballads and an extraordinary artwork are the ingredients of this cocktail. The title of the album „Daghdèinter“ more or less means „Never give up“ expressed in an old, disappearing dialect from Modena that will live on within this release.

SNAKEBITE: Looking beyond

13-11-01 snakebite1This release is totally different from all other releases on MANIAC ATTACK, but represents the spirit of the 80ies more authentic than many hardcore punk bands. We proudly present the demo of SNAKEBITE (Ruhrpott/Gießen, GER) that play a kind metal/ glamrock that seemed to be dead since several decades. Also in terms of style and live shows SNAKEBITE is that convincing – even convinced us. The demo is limited to 100 copies and is exclusively available from the band or on Bandcamp  - cum on feel the noise: SNAKEBITE on Bandcamp

THE FILAMENTS: Top-class new entrant on MANIAC ATTACK REC.

13-10-12 filamentsWe proudly present one of the top-class bands from the home country of punk rock! Almost 10 years after “What’s next” THE FILAMENTS’ album “Land of lions” is released on MANIAC ATTACK RECORDS in co/production with MASS PRODUCTIONS. The band combines elements of punk rock, hardcore, ska and streetpunk to an exciting mixture presented in 14 songs on vinyl. Their master piece is limited to 500 copies and convinces with a beautiful artwork and red-black splattered. Release date is the 23rd of October 2013. For everybody that is still not convinced yet watch their current video clip: „No surrender“

PESTPOCKEN: Pestilence over Europe

Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Croatia and the Czech Republic will suffer from the epidemic disease, because in one week PESTPOCKEN start touring in Europe! When finishing the tour at AK44, Gießen Chris (guitar) will have his last show with PESTPOCKEN. From that time Tom (AZRAEL) will take his heritage in the band.

13-03-22 pesttour

AZRAEL: Good news and bad news

13-03-15 Azrael_CoverWe start with the good news: Tomorrow the second album of AZRAEL titled “Rehellity” will be released. The recordings have been started 2 years before and the album was nearly never born. After all a co-production together with RIOT RECORDS, TERROR TUBIES and BOMB ALL RECORDS helped releasing the album that is strictly limited to 275 copies for LP and 100 copies for CD. And now the bad news: The release show in Frankfurt will at the same time be the last show of AZRAEL. We pleased to contribute to the fact that AZREAL is able to condignly bid farewell with an album on vinyl after 10 years of band history. Here’s a taste of the last tones of a really awesome band: TRAILER

New album of PESTPOCKEN + 15 years anniversary compilation

12-05-20 PPStill having a hangover we look back to 3 days of frenzy. Thanks to all the people that helped making the NO LOVE FOR A NATION FESTIVAL possible like this! PESTPOCKEN not only celebrated their 15 years anniversary at the festival, but also presented their album titled “No love for a nation”. In terms of sound quality and songwriting this album is really at the edge of the bands’ creative development. The multifaceted album on vinyl is available in 4 different colors and includes a poster and download-code. The CD comes in a beautiful digipak and includes two tracks with video clips. For a taste of the new album watch this: „No love for a nation“ Trailer

12-05-20 PP-15JahreA surprise gift for the bands’ aniversary was the CD compilation „15 Jahre Asozial – Der schlimmste Sampler aller Zeiten“  that was organized and produced by parts of MANIAC ATTACK & TERROR TUBBIES. The compilation comprises friendly bands that play PESTPOCKEN in their individual styles including ANTIDOTE, STAGE BOTTLES, AUWEIA!, EVACUATE, OBTRUSIVE, etc.

VERSUS: The end of an era

12-04-21 crescendoVERSUS says “good-bye” and will be on stage together at the 12th of April 2012 for the last time. VERSUS was one of the first bands on MANIAC ATTACK and those guys have become friends of us since a long time.  It’s a pity, but the exceptional band leaves us with a CD that is limited to 100 copies in vinyl style with 10 new songs. This album is probably the best one the VERSUS ever produced, however, you should leave them wanting more…! We also say “good-bye” with a little tear in the eye.

Rat’s punk from Israel: CITY RATS new on MANIAC ATTACK REC.

12-04-08 City Rats LPYou scarcely find such an overwhelming debut album!! The hardcore punx arose from the cellars of Tel Aviv, are keen musicians and present their merciless pressing sounds in a high-quality production. Welcome in our MANIAC ATTACK family, rats :-) The record comes along with a poster and a printed inner envelope. Their live shows are a guarantee for successful party massacres – an insider’s tip than will not be restricted for insiders only for too long!

PESTPOCKEN: New album & festival “No love for a nation”

12-02-24 No Love FestivalFull speed ahead for preparations! PESTPOCKEN‘s new studio album „No love for a nation“ will be released on May 17th 2012 on time with the same titled festival on the occasion of the band’s 15th anniversary. Among guests are bands that have been worked with MANIAC ATTACK RECORDS // T.S.O.R. RECORDS such as WOLFBRIGADE, SS-KALIERT, AUWEIA and NOWHITERAG, but also TOXOPLASMA, RESTARTS, RIOT BRIGADE, etc. (order tickets here). To get a foretaste of PESTPOCKEN’s upcoming album “No love for a nation”, check the live clip of the new song „In Flammen“

New release: NOWHITERAG – „Silence is violence“

11_11_26_silence is violenceHounded souls are rushing through temples of consumerism thanks to the upcoming commercial spectacle of the year – no room left for contemplation. The Italian D.I.Y.-Punx of NOWHITERAG are disturbing the “silent night” by screaming out their displeasure with dictates of commerce, religion and society. Their second full length album “Silence is violence” is currently released on MANIAC ATTACK RECORDS (CD/LP) as an international „D.I.Y. Conspiracy Co-Production“  involving NUCLEAR CHAOS, a label carried by band members. Regarding the fantastic artwork combined with multifaceted music ranging from impulsive pogo punk songs to „protest lullabies“ including harmonica and acoustic guitar there is no doubt that this record comes from years of sweat and passion.


After having awesome (but sometimes too rainy!) days at Germanys Punk Rock Festivals MANIAC ATTACK RECORDS hits you with a new homepage! Bang on time with the non-official replacement of a well-known social network by a network that is even more concerning in terms of privacy, less individually and less accessible to bands and music. Our homepage offers comprehensive information (including MP3s, goodies, videos) about our releases and bands and also includes those of T.S.O.R. RECORDS, a label from Switzerland that first released OBTRUSIVE and KRUM BUMS and is part of MANIAC ATTACK RECORDS since 2008. Anecdotes and “ancient” pictures may be found in the section “About us”. Currently, MANIAC ATTACK RECORDS released the debut „There is no freedom, there is nur scheiße!“ of the extraordinary band AUWEIA! and sold it out after three month. All releases available from MANIAC ATTACK and T.S.O.R. RECORDS may be ordered in manicac-attack-tsor-skullour online shop; additionally the shop offers a wide range of external LPs, CDs, clothes (e.g. T-shirts, girlie shirts, tank tops), patches, badges, hair colors and everything the heart of a punk rocker desires. Brand new offers are US-imported shirts, canvas bags with prints, wooly hats, and A1 posters. At this time we are looking forward to new releases that will surely put you up until the end of the year.